5 Tips To EnSure Your Cheap Car Seat Works as Desired

While cheap car seats do not come with all the bells and whistles of your premium car seat, they still require you to use them in the appropriate way to keep your child safe. The following are some tips to use the seat as desired

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Check the Height and Weight Limits

One of the most important things that you have to keep in mind when purchasing that affordable baby car seat is that you should only buy a child safety seat that is within the height and weight limits of your child. If you have gone for the all in one or convertible car seat, make sure that the child’s seating mode is correct according to their age. For instance ensure the child is old enough to transition from a harness to a belt positioning booster after checking the height and weight limits.

Stay rear facing as long as possible

Rear facing is not that much fun given that for you in the driver’s seat you cannot see the child in the back seat. However it is critically important to have the child in the rear facing mode particularly when they are under the age of two. To keep the child safe keep them in the rear facing seat and go for a car seat that has high rear facing limits such as the Disney APT, Cosco Scenera, or the Cosco Apt 50.

Install the Car Seat Properly

Installation is a pain but you need to know how to install the seat properly if you want to keep your kid safe. The most effective way of making sure the seat is installed correctly, just refer to the car seat manual and use the instructions to the T until you get it pat. Additionally you can find tutorial videos online, read customer reviews or hire an expert or go to the police station to get the child car seat installed.

Find a car seat that fits

There are many car seats out there, but not all will be a good fit. Some especially convertible car seats are very bulky and may not fit in compact cars. Measure the dimensions of the back seat of your car to make certain that the car seat you purchase will fit in your car and allow for enough space for the driver and front seat passenger.

Determine if it is FAA Approved

You need to check if the car seat is approved for use in airplane travel. Make sure that it comes with specifications that will fit in the airplane seats and check for a label asserting that the seat is approved for use in aircraft. You could also check with your airline and have them recommend some car seats before you shell out money on a seat that may not be appropriate.

Safe Cheap Convertible Car Seats in 2018

As we all know parenting is one of the most expensive of undertaking for anyone that decides to have children. From things such as strollers and daycare to nannies, it would seem that child bills stack up with each passing year. But there is hope on the horizon when it comes to sourcing baby products as many baby product manufacturers are coming up with lower priced products for the budget conscious parent.

Cheap and safe car seat

However the common belief is that cheaper products tend to be of lesser quality. However this is not always the case given that baby products are some of the most rigorously tested products on the market. Moreover with government agencies enforcing strict standards and the cutthroat competition in the space, it is almost impossible to find any company cutting corners when it comes to the manufacture of cheap car seats. As such you do not have to break the bank to get your hands on an affordable car seat that will not only be comfortable but also safe for your child to use.

The following are some of the cheapest child safety seats you could find in this very expensive market. Unlike many other elite car seats that would likely take the entire budget of a middle class family, these seats provide utmost safety without you having to shell out hundreds of dollars. We are certain that with a little searching almost any parent can find something not just trendy but also sturdy and safe that they can use for years with their child. Heck there are even 2 in 1 car seats that can be found at affordable prices

Everything you ever wanted from forward and rear facing car seats to convertible and all in one car seats to high back and backless car seats that come in handy for the older kid, there is a cheap car seat for just any type of need and budget.

Best Cheap Convertible Car Seats

If you do not want to break the bank while shopping for your child’s safety then you definitely need to go with Cheap child safety seats. The best cheap car seats will provide the basic protection for your child without you having to break the bank.

best cheap car seat

However, you need to remember that these car seats will not come with  your beloved bells and whistles and are quite basic in terms of convenience and features. They for instance do not come with things like a toy bar or leather handle. However you get to enjoy an inexpensive car seat at sometimes less than half what you would pay for the luxurious ones.

But you do not have to compromise on safety of your child or quality as you can find some great car seats that will fit almost any budget. We have selected the following seats because even if they come at very affordable prices, they exceed or meet the basic safety standards and come with excellent consumer ratings. Your child will not be any less safe when riding in these child safety seats as in any expensive one.

Budget convertible car seats are becoming increasingly popular particularly with manufacturers putting more features into these seats that makes them just as a good as premium car seats. Check out the best convertible car seats for the budget conscious parent compared according to their features and safety ratings.

The following are some considerations:

Budget convertible car seats can be purchased in online stores such as Amazon or Target and even on your local Walmart or supermarket,. However not all seats have the same features of safety and convenience. You may also have to give up the aesthetics of your car seat if you go for an affordable car seat.

Some cheap convertible car seats are 2 in 1 or 3 in 1 as they can be used as backless, booster and forward facing car seats for toddlers. Just make sure you shift the child to the recommended mode when they hit their height and weight limits.

Most of these seats will first be used as rear facing car seats for infants before becoming regular car seats for toddlers and older kids.

If you decide to go for convertible car seats you may have to pay more since these car seats can be used for longer and they can be used in a variety of modes.

Car Seat Safety Checks in Maryland Receive Support from the Sheriff’s Office

Maryland car seat regulations recommend that any child between the ages of 2 and 8 travel in a baby car seat at all times. Moreover, it is recommended that you should not place any of the car seats with your child init in the front seats. This is even more so when the vehicle has an active airbag that may cause serious injury to the child in a collision given that it is made for adults. According to Sheryl Brown of best convertible car seat hq even cheap car seats will reduce fatal injuries by up to 54% for toddlers and 71% of infants. You can find some of these inexpensive seats here. Nonetheless, a very small percentage of parents and guardians know how to use rear facing convertible car seats according to car seat recommendations. This results in very high yearly mortality rates for kids all over the United States.

To help ease the minds of guardians and parents , the office of the Sheriff St Mary’s County organizes child seat safety inspections on the regular. The inspections offered for free, are intended to make the community more aware and more proficient in the use of convertible car seats and is part of the many child safety programs that the St Mary County Sheriff provides.

The latest batch of car seat checks were conducted in November of 2016. Four certified car seat technicians who are also deputies were in charge of conducting the inspections. The deputies were looking for and training the community on proper installation and use of convertible car seats and providing recommendations on best practice.

The technicians Cpl.Timothy Snyder, Cpl. Chad Hartzell, Cpl. Andrew Holton, and Lt. Eva Jones were also involved in assisting parents and guardians in installing safety seats, checking that the seats had not expired or been part of a recall. In addition the Lexington Park Lions Club and the Church of Ascension donated several car seats to be distributed to the community by the County Sheriff’s office.

According to Safekids Worldwide these inspections help parents get to learn how to use a car seat according to recommendations from manufacturers with the help of technicians. They also learn the importance of ensuring that the seat is appropriate for the child’s age, height and weight and that they secure the seat into the car properly. The car seat inspection clinic ensures not only as an event to ensure that children are safe when riding in a car seat but also that the whole community becomes aware of their role in protecting children not only as caregivers but as an entire community.

According to Cpl. Snyder, you should never let a child that is aged less than 12 sit in the front seat if the vehicle has an active airbag on the passenger side. He noted that most guardians and parents are unaware of the regulations and recommendations to tuck in their child including the type of car seat for the different ages. This is where car seat checks are very important, as they increase awareness.

In addition to being available to offer education during the car seat check events, the inspectors are also inspect and install car seats on appointment basis. Parents and caregivers that require safety checks or are in need of any information can get such information by calling the Sheriff’s office and making an appointment with the safety department. If you are in St Mary’s County, take advantage of the free checks, do not be among the 32% of caregivers that are unsure if their car seat is installed correctly or even if their child is usually strapped in correctly.

The St Mary’s County Sheriff Office offers its gratitude to the Church of Ascension and Lexington Park Lions Club for the generous donation and sponsorship of the Sheriff’s Office Child Passenger Safety Seat Program.